Additional Services

In addition to our Consignment and Car Finder services, SCD Garage also offers the following:  
Private Exchange / Bespoke Services

Sometimes the car you’re looking for isn’t publicly for sale.  As interest in collector cars has grown, platinum-investment vehicles are often traded privately.  For clients interested in these types of vehicles, SCD Garage has the unique ability to introduce buyers and sellers for whom privacy is of the utmost concern. Specially tailored for each client and situation, these services could include any of the following and more:

  • Contacting known, interested parties
  • Mobilizing an investor or group of investors
  • Principal purchase by SCD Garage
  • Quiet, subtle and targeted marketing
  • Estate consulting

Car Storage

SCD Garage offers convenient and secure car storage close to the heart of Charlotte. Our gated facility has a biometric security system and climate controls in place to make sure your valuable collector vehicles are kept in the stable environment it needs to maximize condition.

We offer concierge services, on-site maintenance and detailing, in addition to making sure your vehicle is ready to go when you need it.