About SCD Garage

Founded in 2008, Sports Car Digest has become one of the leading international online journals for sports car enthusiasts. We have become known for fantastic coverage of auction, event and vintage car races, in addition to profiles on the history of classic cars, drivers and races.
A funny thing happened while writing about the sports car world: we started selling cars. 
It began slowly at first. One reader sought a Talbot-Lago and another was selling a 289 Cobra. We made a few phone calls. Sent a few e-mails. Pretty soon, cars were coming and going quickly, word was spreading and our newsletter (and inboxes) were filling with readers actively looking to buy and sell a host of cars.

Growing organically over time, SCD Garage was created to give our readers a platform to buy and sell interesting vehicles. Our extensive industry contacts and highly trafficked websites give sellers the tremendous exposure and buyers the confidence and convenience of fully inspected automobiles available online.

Best of all, because SCD Garage is a member of the Sports Car Digest family, you can rest assured that cars will be selected using the same strict standards for which we’ve become well known. The result is a dynamic and active marketplace where the vehicles are vetted before our knowledgeable audience.

Which brings us to our last point. You. SCD Garage is focused, first and foremost, on our readers. We know there’s nothing more powerful or valuable than an engaged and knowledgeable readership and we’re grateful to enjoy just such an audience. And while you may or may not be buying the car you’re reading about, we want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Please let us know how we’re doing and, as always, let us know if we can help you buy, sell, or locate the car of your dreams.
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